Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses

The NoScope Gaming Glasses Hat-Trick bundle gives you 3 different styles of gaming glasses with 3 cases and 3 microfiber cleaning cloths, it is a great option if you want to get a pair for yourself and a few buddies, or if you don’t know which pair you like best and want to try all 3. It also is good if you like to change up your look while gaming (especially if you gamecast) though my clear favorite winner was the Hydra style of gaming glasses. On topic: I wear glasses so I can’t use any pair of gunnars unless I get a prescription for it, which are like $300; way out of my budget to even see if they help reduce my eye fatigue. I didn’t have a pair of Gunnar Standard Rx glasses to compare them with, but when held against my own prescription glasses and a pair of non-prescription Gunnars, the Premium Rx lenses seem to reflect much less light. If I game in the dark without the Gunnar lenses, I get dry itchy eyes and headaches within 45 minutes. GUNNAR accomplishes this feat by tinting the lenses an amber color, as it’s a warmer color and kinder to your eyes. At the call center I used to work at, I had a CRT as my second monitor and would frequently get bad migraine headaches. Includes free accessories: White leather carrying pouch and microfiber cleaning cloth.

This is a Turtle Beach gaming headset after all, they know how to make comfy headphones. Even if it’s bullshit that every pair of glasses has, blah blah, I don’t ever wear glasses and I don’t get those benefits. They’re designed for programmers, data-entry professionals, and anyone who wants to pretend they’re really cool while they work with computers. As per the frames; you get the normal ones generally coupled with clear glass and headphone/headset friendly frames that don’t interfere when gaming for long hours. GUNNAR lens material eliminates distortion from impurities and haze found in inferior materials to ensure the clearest image possible.

The polycarbonate frames are very similar to sport-oriented glasses from Oakley, yet they still offer the features of gaming glasses. Where we used to focus on big names and big marketing campaigns these days we focus on mostly social media and influential Gunnar partners and affiliates. Gaming glasses feature a unique yellowish tint that offsets the artificial blue light that monitors produce and completely removing the strain of looking at a screen regardless of the length of time. I use the Gunnars at home, but needed something more professional looking for work (that is not so in-the-face yellow).

Amongst the various brands that are available in the market, many customers feel that Gunnar Optiks is a good brand. Since I had the hard cases, I knew that I wouldn’t need to buy expensive protective packaging as I could just ship my glasses inside them. For example, Essilor’s Anti-fatigue and Eyezen, Carl Zeiss Digital lens and Hoya Sync, all these lens designs take into consideration near work accommodation and blue light coating.

They are made to work under natural lighting you would find in the nature (the big screen outside of your window – again, if you have one). Gamma Ray Flexlite Gr Og-003-C1 is probably one of the best-selling computer glasses at the moment. Light Weight: As someone with light-sensative eyes, I pretty much always have to wear sunglasses outside to avoid headaches, so I’ve become pretty knowledgeable about what is and isn’t important for me in glasses. I found them a little less comfortable, and more fragile than our number one pick, and that’s the primary reason why these glasses have missed out on the top spot. Funnily enough, the Onyx also have the silly Gunnar logo printed on the left lens.

This is where the real work came in. I now had to tie 21 hang tags to 21 glasses, pack 21 glasses into 21 cases, fill out several customs forms, print 21 shipping labels, and package and ship 21 orders at the post office. The MLG Phantom style name hints towards more for gamers, being headset friendly with the more comfortable arms of the glasses.